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B*tch better have my money…

A week ago, my wallet was stolen.  Not the end of the world…but pretty close! We are so reliant on those little pieces of plastic…I couldn’t buy groceries, I couldn’t drive a car, I couldn’t even take a bus!  Everything that I need to go about my everyday life was in that wallet…which was in some devious person’s hands.  Before I could say Jack Robinson, there were over $1,000 of fraudulent charges across my various cards (and I, actually, DON’T have too many cards!)  It took the better part of the unfortunate labor day weekend for me to take stock of all the things that were in my wallet and cancel/reorder everything.  Bummer I can’t reorder the actual wallet..but oh well – you can’t win ’em all.


As I sat at home, moping at the unfortunate event, someone told me that sometimes the occurrence of one bad event can take away all the other bad luck that was coming your way, with it.  Well, given my propensity for bad luck, THAT definitely cheered me up!


The next day I went to the DMV without an appointment to get my replacement license.  They were turning people back because the cameras were down and they couldn’t process any drivers license related requests.  But LUCKILY since my original DL hadn’t expired, I didn’t need a new picture and they were able to process my request.  As I walked out of the DMV, I couldn’t help but think back to how – just maybe – my quota for bad luck was over…at least for a bit?


But I can’t help thinking about this thug, this horrible, bad person, who stole my wallet.  Are they enjoying all the things they bought with my cards?  Are they boasting about their mad skillz to their friends?  Are they licking their lips greedily as they stalk the next unsuspecting victim?  But most of all – Is karma going to get them?


I guess I will never know…

Not your ordinary daffodil

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One thought on “thegirlwiththedaffodils | Not your ordinary daffodil

  1. Sorry for your loss, but the best way to think about this is that you donated it to the person who needed to steal to support his/her life and family. Karma will catch up or is already doing its bit since she/he has to steal for a living…


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